Today I will share a quick tip to improve your workflow. In the last years, the docker has gained so much popularity. As a trend, some people tend to run the applications in docker containers instead of on the host machine.

After formatting my computer, I hadn’t installed all the tools I use on my development workflow and I needed to install the npm dependencies of my project. I hadn’t installed the node and npm yet, so I decided to run npm install with docker

docker run --rm -w /opt/ -v $(pwd):/opt/ node npm install

The command above starts a container with a node image, the –rm flag means that the container should be removed after it finishes running, with the -w flag I set the working directory inside the container, and with -v, I set the volume between the host and the container and with the npm install I run the command inside the running container.

I hope this tip is usefull for you. If you like it, leave a comment here.