Definindo chaves SSH

Quando desejamos conectar a um servidor remoto, como por exemplo um droplet da Digital Ocean, o meio mais comum e seguro é através de ssh. Exemplo: {% highlight bash %} ssh user@ {% endhighlight %} Inicialmente quando executamos esse comando, será solicitada a senha do usuario para acesso ao servidor. Porém para quem realiza tarefas em servidores remotos diversas vezes no dia, ter que digitar a senha do servidor toda vez acaba afetando sua produtividade....

January 16, 2016

My Sources of Knownledge

Hey guys, today I’m going to write about my sources of knownledge. I like to read many articles related to development daily. I follow many blogs and I’m subscribed in many newsletters and I also follow interesting profiles in Twitter. DevDocs is a website that combine at the moment I’m writing this post more than fifty API docs. It has a nice interface, the docs are very organized, and the search box helps us to find a specific documentation....

June 4, 2015

Hello World

Hey guys, I decided to start writing my posts in English in order to improve my skills. I like to learn technological stuff. I am going to use this blog to write about my coding in PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and many other related to programming. That’s enough for today. I hope this blog helps a lot of people. See ya!

May 13, 2015